Lansdowne hill station

this is lansdowne hill station
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Lansdowne hill station is located in the Pauri Garhwal district of Uttarakhand.

This place is very good throughout the year, which attracts people very much and here the greenery gives you a new world feel.

Lansdowne hill station is very close to Delhi, can be reached here by taking a distance of 5 to 6 hours.

This place is very quiet and beautiful places. the road here is very wide and clean.

Pollution stays away from this place.

This small town can also be moved on foot in 1 day.

Well this place looks like hidden tourism because it is less crowd then the place.

For the tourist Lansdowne starts with Gadhi park intersection.

from where you get the bus, zeep, etc transport here you will get the transport for places like Delhi, Lansdowne, Kotdwar and Pouri Garwal, etc.

The famous place of lansdowne is tip-on-top which is located 2 kilometer above its main crossroads.

This path is surrounding by trees, you can be reached comformatably while enjoying it here.

The famous point about lansdowne is all falls is the same way one after the other.


this is st. mary's church in lansdowne
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First of all, here is the st.marys church which is the slightest height of the hill.

This is the oldest church here and people of every religion come here to pray from far away.

Here there is a lot of crowd on sundays here half of lansdowne is very good with greenery.


this is tip-on-top place in lansdowne
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The second number comes with a tip-on-top place. it is very courteous during january and february which people come from far and far to see.

During the summer the places is very pleasant.

From tip-on-top to hill areas and villages 50 kilometers away so hundreds of kilometer away the himalaya peak looks amazing.

There are also hotels and shops for eating and drinking where you can comfortably look after the pleading food.


this is bhulla-lake place in lansdowne
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BThe tip-on-top falls bellow the bhulla taal which is main picnic point of the tourist.

There is parking facility outside the badge pool, there is also restaurant for swing and food for children.

At this place, the entry charge is 20rs in the bulla Taal, after the entry, it seems that the flowers have come in the plaintiffs.

In this place, you will get the flower in pot and you will find a lot of space to sit here and there is a lot of space to take photographs.

There is pond in which the water  is low but the duck in it quicly draws the attraction of the tourists.

An iron bridge in the top of the pond is made which makes its beauty beautiful.

Coming in bulla Taal you can see the army school and officer houses whichever path is wide and full of greenery.

You will see the greenry of trees and plants in every house beacause the peoples have a lot of loves for plants and tree.

In this city local people extend their life to business and jobs, and live happily life.


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