this is Jim Corbett national park
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There are many national parks in our country, one of which is the Jim Corbett national park, which is in Uttarakhand.

The park was founded in 1936 when the park was named the hellee national park.

In 1952, it was named ram Ganga national park after that, in 1947 the name changed to Jim Corbett national park.

Jim Corbett was a famous hunter and photographer.

Here you can stay ,safari and enjoy the natural scene.

This Jim Corbett park is open in winter the park is open from 15th November to 30th June.

There is a total 5 zone here, 2 zone is open all year the rest are open from 15th November to 30th June or 15th October to 30th June.

To reach jin Corbett, you have to reach Ramnagar in Uttarakhand and from here on you will get Jim Corbett national park ticket.

The distance from Delhi to Jim Corbett national park is 260km and takes approximately 6 to 7 hour to reach.

Where is the distance of 60 km from Nanital in which 2 to 3 hour reach.

To reach here, nearest railway station is Ramnagar.

The nearest airport station will get you Delhi and Dehradun.

The best way to get here is by bus and nanital you will find a lot of resources to come here.


Jim Corbett national park is divided into 5 gate.

the 1st of which is Birjani zone whose gate is Amdana.

2nd of which Jhirna zone whose gate is Khara.

3rd of which Durga Devi zone whose gate is Durga Devi.

4th of which Dhikala zone whose gate is Ramnagar & Dhangarhi.

5th of which dhela zone whose gate is dhela.

In jim corbett national park there are 5 gates that you must permit for evrey gate, with a permit you can visit a zone.

You are required to take a visit that becomes available in online.

You have to book online to confirm the date you have to get a permit online.

After reaching jim Corbett natinanal park you have to book zeep which charged by 2800 + guide after that you can safari.

This is the cost of 6 adult and 2 children.

If you do not have a permit, then your cost will be 4500 rs.

You can also do a minibus it has 16 seat 1 persons expences come to 1500rs

And the time here is 2 slot morning 6 am to 9 am after 3 pm to 6 pm.

If you have to stay here then you can book the room even by booking online and here too many resorts will be found to stay.

Non veg and alcohol are not allowed here.

There is a canteen here, you can also eat food.

If you like natural beauty and want to adventure then definitely visit here.


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